About Our Makers

At Salt Air Supply, we are proud to provide a home for New England makers creating beautiful, high-quality products made to last. Here's a brief snapshot of some of our current maker partners:

Boreal Design Co

Salt Air Supply is proud to be featuring wooden necklaces and adorable maple llamas from Boreal Design Co. The necklaces feature maple and beech wood beads that are finished with organic coconut oil, making them safe for teething little ones. Everything at Boreal Design Co is made by Monika, a Maine native.

At Boreal, unique design, functionality, and aesthetics are the goals behind each piece. Whenever possible, Monika sources wood from recycled scraps that would otherwise go to waste. When those are unavailable, she uses wood that is locally grown and harvested. 

Different Drummer

The first Salt Air Supply maker, Frank and the wonderful people at Different Drummer Workshop have been crafting beautiful handmade wooden toys for more than a generation.

Different Drummer wooden toys are best known for the quality of their craftsmanship. Most of their toys are made from white pine, and every piece used is carefully selected to show off its natural beauty and grain. The completed wooden toys are finely sanded to a satin smooth natural finish, making them almost soft to the touch. Different Drummer prides itself on creating wooden toys that are safe, durable, and with a minimalist design that helps foster children's imagination. 

Kathleen Perelka

Kathleen Perelka is a Maine-based pastel artist who depicts Maine's rugged beauty in a truly unique way. Through her greeting cards that feature sceens from Maine farms, beaches, mountains and fields, Kathleen captures the essence of a place, a time of year or a time of day and creates the perfect vessel for sharing a moment, memory, and even a 'thank you' with someone you love.


LooHoo was created by Cyndi, a New England mom looking for more ways to keep her family happy and healthy. Her wool dryer balls are made in Maine's beautiful mid-coast and create an alternative to chemical-ridden dryer sheets. LooHoo wool dryer balls are made with 100% domestic wool, which is all natural, sustainable, biodegradable and durable. By using 3-5 wool dryer balls for each load of laundry, LooHoos quietly soften clothes and reduce dry time. But the best part? LooHoos are designed to be not just practical, but durable and are made to last for hundreds of loads.